MINELRES: Church To Be Built For Orthodox Ukrainians In Romania

Felix Corley minelres@lists.delfi.lv
Mon Nov 18 17:07:34 2002

Church To Be Built For Orthodox Ukrainians In Romania

LVIV, UKRAINE, Nov 13, 02 (RISU.org.ua) - The Ukrainian Orthodox community
in Southern Bukovyna, Romania, is going to have its own church. This
announcement was made by Teofil Bauer, head of the regional administration
of Chernivtsi, the neighboring Ukrainian region. Bauer said that building a
church was a feasible and necessary task. This news was reported by the
information agency InfoNews on 11 November 2002.

In addition, Bauer said that the Romanian community in Ukraine has all the
conditions for a full cultural life, including Romanian schools and
Ukrainian Orthodox churches of the Moscow Patriarchate where services are
held in Romanian.

Bauer said that the Romanian side, however, is procrastinating on creating
the same conditions for Ukrainians in Romania, assuming that they can attend
Romanian Orthodox churches. He said that the Ukrainian community can hardly
be satisfied with such an approach, since services are held in the Romanian
language. He also said that do not Ukrainians feel comfortable attending
churches of the Russian Old Believers, who also live in the area, because of
differences in rite. Therefore, he said, the Ukrainian community in Romania
is in vital need of its own church.

The Ukrainian Greek Catholics who reside in this part of Romania have a
Greek Catholic vicariate in the region, which is subordinate to the Romanian
Greek Catholic Church.

Source: www.i-news.org