MINELRES: Azeris protest in Russia

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Mon Nov 18 17:02:27 2002

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Azeris protest in Russia

Baku, 4 November, AssA-Irada

About  a  thousand  Azerbaijanis living  in  Moscow  rallied in  early
November to  protest massive  crackdowns on people from the Caucasus,
especially Azerbaijan, in Russia after Chechen gunmen commandeered the
theater center in Moscow in an act that ended up with deaths of dozens
of civilians.

An Azerbaijani has been killed in a new wave of pressure in Moscow and
several dozens have been injured.

Also joining the protests were representatives of the Azeri embassy in
Moscow, chairman of the State Commission on Azerbaijanis Living Abroad
Nazim Ibrahimov has reported.

In a Monday meeting, Democratic Congress, a bloc of opposition parties,
discussed the developments in Russia and urged prompt measures to be