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11 November 2002

LATEST REPORT RELEASED: "Minority Protection: Roma in Spain"

"Spain needs to review its existing charity approach towards its Roma
population and protect their human and minority rights as those of any
other Spanish citizen. Notwithstanding the existence of a 'Roma
Development Programme', Roma/Gitanos are still the object of
discrimination, exclusion and violence and remain among the most
disadvantaged groups in Spain. More generally, Spain needs to make more
efforts to fully implement the EU Race Equality Directive. These are the
main conclusions of a report on the situation of Roma in Spain released
today by the Open Society Institute. The report calls on the Spanish
Government to pass necessary legislation to recognize national
minorities and also to enter into dialogue with Romani organizations in
view of revising its outmoded State policies."

Full Press Release: http://www.eumap.org/whatsnew/pressinfo/1036676591

The report - "Minority Protection: Roma in Spain" - will be available on
the EUMAP website.




"Monitoring the EU Accession Process: Corruption and Anti-corruption
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Further reports are due for release on November 15 and November 25.

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On the occasion of the release of its 2002 reports, EUMAP is pleased to
publish the following articles on the continued need for monitoring in
the EU and its member and candidate states:

EU Enlargement: A Union of Values or a Union of Interests?
By Rachel Guglielmo

"Although not yet achieved in most candidate countries and never
required in member states, the criterion of 'minority protection' is at
risk of falling from the agenda as enlargement approaches."

Full text: http://www.eumap.org/articles/content/91/914

Corruption and EU Enlargement: Who is Prepared?
By Quentin Reed

"It is often asked whether the candidate states are ready for accession.
When it comes to corruption, the same question could be asked of member

Full text: http://www.eumap.org/articles/content/91/913

Judges for a New Order: The Case for Continued Monitoring after
By Tim Waters

"The Copenhagen Criteria offer a useful starting point for EU-wide
common standards for judiciaries and provide a basis for monitoring
those standards."

Full text: http://www.eumap.org/articles/content/91/912

Monitoring: a Cure for the Democratic Deficit
By Stephen Humphreys

"With enlargement on track, preparations for a new constitution give the
EU a chance to address its democratic deficit. Better monitoring of EU
processes would help."
Full text: http://www.eumap.org/articles/content/91/911


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