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Dear friends, brothers, sisters, comrades, friends, colleagues,

Expecting the definitive decision we are informing you about the
acceptance of a proposal for European Roma Forum. We are very honored to
inform you that after long-term efforts held by Romani activists, Rudko
Kawczhinsky (RNC) and Emil Scuka (IRU) together with their colleagues,
the initiative of the President of Finland Mrs. Tarja Halonen to
establish European Roma Forum in The Council of Europe is accepted by
the European representatives. This fact means that, for the first time
in history, Roma people will be represented in The Council of Europe
with 150 Roma representatives from whole Europe.

There is a long way in front of us and I hope that we shall be able to
defend Romani rights and interests.

You will receive more information during the week.


Mr. Asmet Elezovski

Board Member of Roma National Congress
Correspondent of RNN
PR manager of RCC "DROM" Kumanovo
drom@sonet.com.mk   and   
Tel: + 389 31 427 558   and   
+ 389 31 20 081