MINELRES: Fwd: Romani issue and Danish Parliament Minority Conference. 5-6 November 2002

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Danish Parliament
Minority Conference

5  6 November 2002

"Whites Only"

Tuesday 5 November and Wednesday 6 November 2002 the Danish parliament 
folketinget  is host for a "Parliamentary Conference on National
Minorities in the Enlarged European Union".

However, the programme shows a marked lack of interest for the
"coloured" national minorities in the enlarged Europe.

In Denmark, for instance, more than 10,000 Roma/Gypsies is part of the
multicultural society and Roma has been in Denmark since 1505.

A request by representatives from "Romano"  the Danish national
association for Roma, to participate  in whatever small way the
parliament would consider  has been turned down. A request to be able
to participate with reporters for the organisation's two homepages  the
www.romnet.dk and the www.stottrup.dk has also been turned down.
The organisers seem intent on keeping this conference a clean "white"

Four cases of recent violations of the Convention on behalf of Roma in
Denmark has so far been brought before the European Court of Human
Rights in Strasbourg in a matter of four months (click "Human Rights" on
the www.stottrup.dk)

Haliti Murat
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