MINELRES: Re: Query on ethnic origin of Bulgars

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Mon Nov 4 09:09:41 2002

Original sender: William McKinney <mckinney@ecmi.de>

Dear Victor Kotseff-Merdjanov,

There is no conclusive proof to the hypothesis that Bulgars have a
Turkic origin. It seems that this a question that needs further serious
research. Perhaps other members of the list can offer more help.

"As far as the origins of the Bulgar tribe itself, two main theories
exist: that they are descendants from the Turks or from the Huns. I
would not venture to comment of reliability of either historical
hypotheses. In general, we can admit to the Turkic origin of the Bulgar
tribe on a historical hypothetical level only."

From: A Multiethnic Future: An Interview with Vladimir Chukov, by Sam
Vaknin, in: Central Europe Review, vol.3, no. 25, 10 September 2001, at:
http://www.ce-review.org/01/25/vaknin25.html, accessed November 1, 2002.

All the best,

William McKinney
European Centre for Minority Issues